Why won't he call me?

Ok so here is the deal. I met this guy online and he's awesome. We have a lot in common, we've exchanged pictures, emails, we watch movies together, we play games online, etc. However he did just get out of a terrible relationship and has made it known he's not interested in dating anyone. He also told me he does really like me, a lot. Our main form of communication is MSN or texting. He hardly calls. And for the past few days he's been hanging out with the "bros" and might send me a text every few hours. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but we used to hang out sometimes during the week. Now I hardly see him. He assured me yesterday that he feels the same about me but, I am totally confused. I've had a number of people tell me that I was putting myself in the friend zone by trying to help him out with his issues with his ex. And then I've been told to pull back and let him come to me since I seem to be way too available. Any advice? I'm not trying to marry him or anything I just would hope that he would show more interest.

I don't really see him as a player, but I could be completely wrong. He's very nice to me though. However his actions just aren't the same, I wore out my welcome? I have no idea. Even this morning I probably won't hear from him. Most of the time he logs on late around early evening and I get to talk to him for a while until he goes and does things with his friends. I'm finding it VERY hard not to want to talk to him. Maybe it's me and I'm over thinking this? Id like to hear from the guys too.


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  • You did nothing wrong. this scenario is VERY common. He is a big time player. Don't loose any sleep over it. Dump him and get busy dating. Players are toxic and will live you feeling empty and hurt.

    • How is he a player? Why should she dump him?

    • @canremember if you have something to say then post a reply.

      <-----------------------------------------Door is that way.

    • I did say something. And I asked you about your assumptions.

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  • You did nothing wrong. He is probably just afraid of getting hurt again. Let him know in a positive way that you would like to spend more time together.

    • Well I've mentioned some things and he hasn't taken the bait. I told him a couple of things about his "priorities" and that I wasn't really one of them. And he said that I was definitely one, but his actions really don't seem that I am.

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    • Alright. Yeah I know it sounded like an accusation. *Sigh* I know I probably shouldn't have done that. But it's like I don't want to come out and ask him "I would like it if we could do more things together". The last thing I want is to be labeled as clingy or act like his exes who wouldn't give him any space.

    • I wouldn't see it as clingy if you are open to compromises and to finding a solution together. But everyone is different and you know him better than me.

      Perhaps tell him that you want to give him space and ask him what the best way to do this is. And maybe ask him abou his thoughts about addressing your needs. Sometimes making dates to look forward to is a lot better than talking every day (a very common mistake in long distance / online relationships)

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