No Contact Rule - Question for the guys!

Alright well I'm having this issue with this guy I really like however he's always out with his friends and hardly notices me even though he claims he "likes" me. Does the no contact rule actually work? If us girls don't answer all your texts, and we aren't always around? I've been hearing that it does, especially for us girls that are always there and we try this. I want him to actually WANT to be around me. Maybe I'm just too available? Normally I answer his texts very quickly and I always pick up the phone when he calls (which is never lately). I'm tired of chasing him. Its like having to chase him around with a crowbar just to get him to open up and talk to me. I want to be chased!


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  • there you go, you figured it out, play him at his own game and it will be you in control of him chasing you, good luck,x

    • I mean does that even work with you guys? I'm just afraid it might backfire and he doesn't come around period.

    • Theres always a risk in that but there's a risk in that by being to clingy aswell so you just got to do what you can, but if your going to gain control, its what you need to do, risk losing him by being to clingy or risk losing him by trying to gain a little of control back in the relatioinship, I know what I would do,x

  • My guess is that he isn't that into you.

    • Crap. Yeah I figured that much too. I mean Ill get random texts but...*sigh* Maybe I'm just reading into it too much. You could definitely be right though :)

    • There are other fish out there. So this one wasn't attracted by your lure. Keep trying and if you feel that the fish aren't biting, change stuff up. Try fishing in a different spot, try a different approach, maybe a different type of fish really. Happy Fishing.

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