I need your opinion about these texts

Ok so this girl and I like the same guy but we both haven't seen him in awhile. She always boasts that she thinks he likes her. I found out that she recently text him on his birthday. I didn't tell her that I did too. Humor me but I need help deciphering or reassurance, I dunno. He and I were always silly with each other and ge even would call me nicknames (not her). So I always thought he was closer to me. She told me that he text her back thanking her for the birthday wishes and asked how she was and how her recent move went. She was upset because he didn't really text much or divulge anything about him or why he hasn't seen her. With MY texts, we were extremely silly and text raunchy jokes, referred to old inside jokes. No asking questions, just light and happy. After about an hour he stopped texting so I just text him goodnight. the girl is always so good at making it seem like he cares about her more. Just humor me and my insecurities: comparing both our text convos, does mine goofy convo w him seem like he didn't care considering he didn't ask about me? Regardless, we did have a lot of laughs.

Also, she seemed upset that he didn't really answer her answer any questions she would ask. All she mentioned was that it was very brief.


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  • He texted HER back, perhaps he just laughs a lot with you but he cares for her, who knows..