Guys: You and texting!

All my friends say that I should wait till he text me first..

What do you prefer? -do find it creepy if a girl text first?

And how do you show a girl you like her through texting?


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  • The very first text after exchanging numbers.. Ya its the guys usually.. But if the girl did we would like her more or at least think she's more intrested..

    As for starting a conversation.. Its girls who should text first most of the time for a while at least.. And after a while it should be both guys and girls starting them.. Guys are worried if we text to much you will think we are clingy.. So once a week to start off is what we do.. But a girl who texts us once a day isn't clingy she's intrested..

    But if you text more then once in a day befor letting us respond that's clingy..

    I say the best way to start a conversation is simply texting the word .. "question"

    it shows you want to talk.. And so we will respond when we can.. Guys don't text as much as girls so we take longer

    Also advoid one word replys except "ok"


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  • Well just shoot him a message. If he's interested, he'll respond and keep the conversation going. If he's not he'll either ignore it or just have short answers that don't contribute to conversation. You've got nothing to lose.

  • UGH

    it's JUST a text.

    Just don't complain if he doesn't text you and you won't even text him.