How do become boyfriend material? I am always looked at as attractive and I don't know why?

Do you have some advice? What are general things that turn girls away? FYI I was raised without a father so I really don't know these things. I have 2 brothers that both know how to get girls but then they have a father.

How do you talk to girls?

What vibe should I try and give off?

How do girls evaluate men? Can it be negative that I'm laid back?

My life is not exciting right now because I work 2 jobs and take classes so is this hendering me? I have come to a fork in the road where I am thinking maybe I should stop focusing on school so much and just "be young" or keep going with the college thing


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  • Girls don't care if guys are laid back, as long as they aren't careless. Like, you have to put effort into planning the dates, and care how it goes, not just be all chill about it. But sometimes being laid back makes it better. Like, if you don't care where you go as long as you're together. That is sweet to a lot of girls. the "vibe" you should give off is that you are safe. Many guys your age are players and creeps.


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