Chilling with the girl you like?

I have a female friend, I had recently told her I like her. She basically told me she likes me too. We've been trying to hangout but things keep popping up. She is more comfortable chilling in groups. I had recently text her and told her that a mutual friend and I was going to hangout and I asked her if she wanted to come. She wanted to chill, and told me she is looking forward to it. Something happened and text her and I told her that our friend may not able to hangout, and asked if me and her can chill by going to the movies or something. She never text back. Did I scare her off? :( or did I come off too strong? what does this mean?


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  • how long has it been, did the day it was supposed to happen go by? if it hasn't, be cool she will probably text. if so then maybe she is feeling awkward about the situation, leave it for a while and get her to make the next move.

    how did you two tell each other you like each other?

  • don't jump to conclusions! I use to do that a lot until I found out I was wrong! maybe her phone died? maybe she broke it? and some girls are more comfortable in groups. that way people can make jokes, laugh, and have a good time.


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