Guys, if you didn't want to talk to a girl online on an online dating site anymore?

What would you do? Simply ignore the emails, stop asking questions, etc?


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  • Just like you said. Slowly ignore her and be more superficial with her. Having less chats within each day.

    • What do you mean by superficial?

    • Keep everything simple like for example:

      You: "Hi, how was your day?"

      Person: "It was fine."

      And basically the person doesn't respond back anymore.


      You: "Hi, how was your day?"

      Person: "It was fine and yours?"

      You: "It was good."

      And basically the person doesn't even bother or try to make an effort to respond back to you anymore. He might just put some smiley faces to keep everything friendly but that's all you're going to get, friendly and nothing more than that.

    • Superficial is having no depth in the relationship/friendship you have with the other person. No deep details about them personally. Just their age, where they're from, their interests and hobbies. Just like you would talk to a person you just met and rarely the conversation ever goes to a personal level. So barely replying to you and keeping things on the surface/on a surface level.

      If a guy was really interested in you he would always try to keep contact and will make an effort in doing so.

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  • just ignore her. don't take that personally. it's online