Afraid to kiss a guy?

i'll be completely into it, until I suddenly realise. It didn't happen with my ex (who was also a virgin) but there's a guy I'm crazy about now, we ended up kissing lying in a bed one night and I got so scared, backed off and we just ended up chatting for the night with a little peck now and again. he's perfect but I panicked. I felt really guilty too, I felt that he was hard quite a few times thta night :/

any idea why that happens to me? it's annoying!


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  • You're afraid of sex, since you're inexperienced. It's totally understandable and OK. Just let the guy know that if he's wondering what the problem is. If you're not ready, and not comfortable escalating, then just wait on it.

    Take time building more of an emotional connection.

  • You are probably worried that if things get too intimate, it will lead to sex, and you are not ready for that. If he loves you, he will understand how you feel, and everything will be fine. Just give it some time. Don't rush into it. The longer you spend doing all the intimate stuff, the better and more comfortable sex will feel when you are ready for it.


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