Should I ask ex boyfriend to hang out before I leave?

my boyfriend and I broke up 1 month ago after 6 years. it was a super long breakup and very painful for me. I wanted to work things out, but he wanted space. it took me a while to accept, but I did and its been a month. I am moving in a few days out of the state to do a few month long program. he knows this. he texted me the other day to ask what exact day I am leaving because he wants to keep me 'in prayer' and asked if I was planning on coming back. I told him the date and said 'thank you and I'm not sure.' he never responded and that was a few days ago.

the truth is, I don't know if I am coming back because I moved here for him... he is the main reason I am still here and the main reason I am leaving for a bit (at least). I would still love to work things out with him if its possible, but I'm also aware it could very well be over for good.

i am wondering if I should ask him to hang out before I leave, or if I should just go. what would you do?


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  • You never said why you two broke up. But 6 years is a long time and def. not worth throwing away in my opinion. He said he wants space, but maybe with you leaving he maybe could have second thoughts about that. I think you try and see him one last time and see how that goes. How that ends will determine if you should come back or not

  • I think it depends a lot on why you broke up, but I agree with the other answer, 6 years is a long time to throw away. I think it will help him figure things out when you're away. I would see him one more time, but be very careful. Just go for coffee or something very neutral, and keep your feelings neutral to show him your okay with whatever happens. If you decide to come back, let him be the one to pursue it. Good luck!

    I'm in a similar but different situation where I'm moving across the country from my ex to move on. If you have time, I'd like your advice as well!

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