Texting someone you have no interest?

There is this girl I work with that I like and I really don't know of she likes me. We talk a little at work nothing major. Well we had a couple weeks off from work and she text me. Everyday for two weeks she would text me and we would keep texting for hours. We got into some personal stuff and she asked me why I like her? She would also text just to say hey or she would say she just wanted to talk to me.

I guess I'm wondering would you do that with someone you didn't really like? I could see maybe a text or two just to get to know someone from work but isn't that kind of a lot for someone you don't really like?


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  • I have.. sometimes you just want to get to know someone.. see if you want to be friends.. maybe more then friends.. sometimes you just need someone outside your friend circle to talk too...

  • I definitely not text somebody I do not like. But I would text somebody a lot that I barely know and am trying to get to know, the best advice that I myself can give you is to not get too attached to this girl too fast. Whenever I start texting a guy, I get really turned off if he texts me all of the time. I would make her text you 99% of the time. But make sure you give her plenty of conversation and still text her every ONCE IN AWHILE, because otherwise you're going to come across as easy to get. Just remember that 1%!


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