I don't want to lose him? I don't know what to do anymore.

"Me and this guy been friends for 5 years and 2 months I really like him a lot he really nice to me and he always been there for me he's in love with me but I'm scared to admit that I love him to I know I'm hurting him by dating other guys and telling him how much I like them I feel so stupid that I'm not dating him by now. I love him so much but I'm just scared to fall in love again because I been hurt so many times but when I met him he was the guy I know that I will be in love with. I hate that I'm making him suffer but so many guys like me but he's the only one that truly loves me I'm so stupid. But I'm dating this guy from school he's really sweet but he's not like my friend I don't want to broke up with him but my friend told me that he's willing to wait for me I mean I don't want him to wait on me I want him to be happy like he was when he's girlfriend pass 3 years ago but I get so angry when there's a girl he's likes I don't know why I get that way I really need some advice I don't want to lose him"


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  • What your doing is very hurtful. If you really care then stop doing it. Hey no one knows what's going to happen but if you continue doing what your doing. Your not only going to lose him as a possible boyfriend you will eventually lose him as a friend. Try to find out why it is that you feel you need to do this. Get some help because it will continue to get in the way of your relationships.


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