Sends me texts but IGNORES ALL my texts pretty much?!?!?

OK so this guy that supposedly likes me (everyone says but I don't believe it) completely always ignores my texts and expects me 2 answer his texts when he sends them? what is up with this. If you can't answer a simple question y should I even talk to u? I'm not needy/clingy or anything. I understand people are busy and it happens, but every single time? it really ticks me off but I've never said anything...


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  • My roommate is like that to me. I would send him ton of texts and he never reply back to anyone of them. But when I don't answer his texts or phone calls, he would get so mad at me. I saw the way he answer his texts so I'm going to assume he doesn't care for me. Just ignore him if he wants you he'll find time to text you back.


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  • Ye personally I don't text slow texter. Makes me feel like they are doing me a favor by talking to me. F***that. Also depends a lot on what time of day, some people are busier certain times. I think right after work is pretty good time to text and maybe around 1-2 pm (right after lunch).


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