How can I subtly suggest he kiss me?

I have this guy that I'm crazy about. We spend all sorts of time together just hanging out, at church, studying, watching the game, etc.

He is always looking at me and kind of staring into my eyes. I want to kiss him, but I'm scared to initiate it. How can I let him know it's okay for him to kiss me and that I even want him to, without having to tell him or make the first move? I'm so shy...


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  • Try this one. Gaze into his eyes and then look at his lips and then back to eye contact. I know I'd take the hint.


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  • Tell him. When boys are suggested this sort of thing, it is generally perceived as a positive thing. Clearly, he likes you enough to spend time around you. If you ask him if he wants to kiss, the answer will be yes or no. Likely, yes.

  • why can't you just woman up and do it?


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