I don't feel anything when I kiss?

I have kissed a couple of boys in parties. I didn't know them specially or anything but during the making out sessions I felt bored and my mind wandered. They always compliment me afterward and say that I am an awesome kisser but to me the whole this is just a total snooze fest. Am I frigid or something? I am worried because I really want to feel something with this boy I have a crush on. The problem is: what if I don't feel anything with him either? So then the reason why I don't feel anything, can't be because of the other boys I was with, but all together kissing, making out etc. Help!


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  • Hmm..why don't you kiss him and find out? :D

    I am SURE you will feel something.

    and, if not, well, some people, kissing IS NOT their thing.

    they might not like it..or something.

    So, don't worry. It just might not be your thing. :)

    But, I am SURE you will feel butterflies :D


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  • If you don't feel anything when you kiss someone, then you don't have feelings for them. Period. I've had crushes on guys then kissed them and they have been really hot guys and felt nothing. Then...I am dating a guy that I didn't have a crush on at all but he kissed me after a date and I was expecting it and just went with it. I found out I had a lot of feelings when I kissed him and now I find him attractive and truly deep down like him.

  • Maybe it's because you had no feelings for the guy! Like strong feeling! That's why it was a snooze! When you find the right guy it will be great! : )