Which guy should I date?

June: 'Steve' asked me out, we dated for a couple weeks. (stupid I know)

all summer me and Steve didn't talk .. Steve is a really nice person, and actually treats his girls well. I told all my friends I missed Steve and all my friends said I was just missing the fact of someone being there.

after Steve and I broke up he got really upset, and told me I needed to grow up. blah blah blah

and then in October, me and 'john' started talking, me and john went to elementary school together so I've known him my whole life. john is the kind of person that pressures girls into stuff and that's not really my type of guy, me and john started seeing each other and we've kissed but I find me and john should just be friends.

Steve texted me tonight and we've been talking and I had a heart to heart conversation with him about john and how he doesn't seem like the type of guy for me.. and then Steve said he'd always be there for me..

after being with john .. I didn't just miss someone being there,.. I miss Steve.

john and I have been seeing each other for a week now.. should I go to Steve? & if I decide to how do I end things with john?


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  • Honestly, if you already know that John isn't your type you should let it go before it goes any further. It sounds like you really miss Steve, I'm sure he misses you very much too. Give it another shot. As for how to end things with John just tell him the truth. You've known him for so long I'm sure he would understand.


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  • John sounds like a d***. Just tell him he's not what you're looking for and move on. I'm not sure about Steve. I guess it depends on why you broke up in the first place.

    • we broke up because we got into a relationship too fast .. and we both weren't ready to get into a relationship at the time.

    • In that case, you should consider if you're ready to get into a relationship now. If nothing's changed then you can't expect it to work out any better this time than it did the first time. I would think about what it was specifically that held you back before and whether or not you're in a position to move past those issues now. Then, talk to him about it and see what he thinks. I'd hate for you to ruin what could be a good thing because you rushed into it twice.

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  • ok,first off,why did you guys break up?

    cause,i just finished dating this guy,who I adored,but we were off and on again,and it was doomed from the start,so you need to ask yourself if your setting yourself up for heartbreak,or if you guys actually have a shot @ making it.

    • we broke up because we got into a relationship too fast .. and we both weren't ready to get into a relationship at the time.

    • well,in that case,as long as steve seems to genuinly want 2b with u,

      you should go 4 it!

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