Isn't it too fast to go to boyfriend house when just meet through myspace and started dating?

My friend meet this "awsome" guy through myspace when they had 4 days of talking they became a couple and she clamed to be in love...I thought it was too fast but I supported her after 3 days they decided to meet each other in person ofcourse I went with her just in case...he seems like a good guy...but you know you can't fully trust no one specially since you just meet him. Well now he invited her to his house but told her "I want to show you my house" its just been a week since they first meet.

Do you guys think everythings going too fast?

Wut do you think are his intentions?

I thought it wuz going to be safe because he's 18 and she's 20 but it seems like maybe he has more experience than her.

He seems llike a nice guy but I didn't like that that he wants to show her his house.

Wut you guys think?


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  • Yep it's way out of line. This guy could be anything. Guess what, people make up things on myspace...


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  • this is a sticky situation. and I wouldn't even be in this! so I think it is too early. way to early. and make shure that you go with her and a guy friend is is the car with you and her. and he stays in the car with his cell in hand. so you can call him when things go wrong. if they do.