First date! what can't you stand?

Tomorrow night I'm going on a date with a guy I've been crushing on for a long time and its our first date. To say the least I'm a little bit nervous.. so I want to know, guys, what can you NOT stand on a date?


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  • Nervousness is fine, but sometimes when girls are nervous on a date they try to occupy their hands with something - such as ripping up napkins, playing with the fork, or texting on their cellphone!

    Hate it when a girl is playing with her phone on a date. I always put mine on vibrate or silence so we're not interrupted, so when a girl breaks her phone out to intermittently text her friend (no doubt about our awesome date), then it becomes annoying.

    I called a girl on it and she said "Don't worry, I'm complimenting you to a friend" as if that made the rude act permissible.

    Obviously that's my rant, but seriously, don't be that girl.

    Also, stay away from talking about guys you like or your exes. I haven't run into that too often, but the times I have it was a huge turn-off.

    Hope these examples help. Best of luck to you on your date tomorrow night, hope it ends magically.


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  • When the guy has really foul breath and he leans in really close to talk to you and you're choking and trying to move away. Oh, good luck by the way :)

  • don't sit there in nervous silence. have things to say

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