A guy is late in responding?

What should I do? I'm hanging out with this guy lately. I think he has some interests in me Because he pays for dinner, he opens car door for me and he invites me to his place.(nothing happened so far.)

He said he wants to hang out with me at his house and watch a movie this weekend.

But he's sometime late in responding to my message. I'd like to hang out with him.

Should I text him and ask him about this weekend? I try not to text him a lot because I don't want to be pushy.

What should I do?


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  • I am SO happy your thinking of giving him space. you have no idea how many girls NEVER think about giving their guys space. So that's great your thinking of that.

    But how often are you texting him? just let him know that your available and just let him text you whenever he feels like, just to understand his way of how he pays attention to you. Then mimic his time.

    for example: he texts you 2-3 sentences after a 15 minute wait. you then text him about 3 sentences in a 12 minute wait. Just keep it close to even. Ya know?

    • Thank you. I got nice answer!

      well I was going to tell him that I'll be free on tomorrow night, but he texted me before I text him.

      Well, usually, I text him once a day. I'm really busy in the daytime, so I text him before I sleep. He does almost the same. But sometimes he texts me back in a few days. He does this to most of his friends though. Maybe it's just his habit.

      Anyway, I like to have my own space too. That's why I don't wanna be pushy.

    • once a day is a good minimum. Let him know your thinking of him.

      thanks for BA

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  • Probably, he is thinking the same if he shud text you or not... if he is nice to you, go ahead and do it right away...


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  • I would text him and ask if he still want to hang out. I mean he sounds like he likes you.

    • Thanks. luckily, he texted me and asked me out tomorrow night. I hope he likes me. ;)