The world of dating and men and all that jazz?

I feel so young and naive:(

I dated the same guy all through high school and then some... and now we both decided we are growing apart and should date other people... I don't know anything about men and flirting and guy "codes" and rules and wingmen and appartenley wing women (I had a girl who was my "friend" but she was really just doing a favor for her male friend and trying to set me up with him..) there's so much I don't know and I don't want to get used and I don't want to be lied to and I don't want to look dumb or be too trusting, but I don't want to end up too hard and bitter like that old lady I work with "Don't trust men!" "Use em for all he's got and then leave him out on the curb!" Is there some kind of rule book (I'm serious).?. I need to get an education in men and so I can weed out the scum bags, because I've been meeting a lot of them lately and surprisingly they seem like great guys at first..

I am 19... and I must have young and dumb tattooed on my forehead. How do I play the game without being hurt?


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  • you just need one guy, can't win em all.


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  • there is no real way to weed out the scum bags... you just have to get to know the person. Don't be to easy but not so hard to get that it puts a guy off. Joking goes a long way when flirting with a guy, being a tease is nice but you have to do it right otherwise you look like a slut. Guys like to see that a girl will tease them because that shows they aren't prude and afraid of things.

    • Can you explain teasing to me? I thought it meant you flirt but don't actually make a move... how would that make someone a slut if she never follows through/has sex? Is teasing the same as playing hard to get?

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    • no I get what your saying, women like teasing too, but sometimes it can be too aggressive and be a turn off. You have to reel them in slowly, haha;)

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  • It's hard to be able to tell if a guys a jerk just follow your gut. If he's cocky and full of himself, don't bother. If your with a guy and he acts rude towards other people for no reason. He's not not a nice guy. That's a HUGE red signal and so is lying. That's the type of guy you want to stay far away from. Other then that follow your gut feeling no matter how much you like him.