He kinda keeps a distance. What is going on with him?


Thanks for reading this. There's this guy that I really like and he seems to like me too. Though we have not been on a date or had anything intimate happen. I asked him via text if he's crazy about me..he said I can't say I am crazy about you I do not know anything about you. Then I responded I do not mean literally crazy about me but that your feelings for me are intense and that scares you a little. And he responded it scares the hell out of me. He kinda keeps a distance but he responds to my text and when I see him he texts me. I am wondering what may be going on with him.,Any ideas? Thanks for your help I really appreciate it. :) Thank you.


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  • Well you already know what's going on with him by what he told you: it scares him. For whatever reason, he may not be used to having those stronger feelings, and may be worried, confused, unsure, or many different feelings. The good thing though is that by taking it slow, continuing to getting to know each other, he will become comfortable and not be so scared, maybe willing to actually be in a relationship.

    • Thanks a bunch! I appreciate your feedback. :)

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