I need help about kissing?

my ex once told me that I wasn't a bad kisser... and it really bothered me... maybe it was me or it was him. but last night I kissed this guy I've liked for a long long time. I thought everything went great until I remembered my ex telling me I was bad. I need help on making out. and different techniques. and to make them want more.

damn I meant my ex told me I WAS not wasn't a bad kisser


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  • LOL for believing your ex. He was obviously telling you that to hurt your feelings.


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  • there isn't really a technique, its more what you are feeling at the time, some are fast kisses, some are slow, I am a great kisser at times and a horrible kisser at other times. Its about the reaction between the two people and how well their styles match up at any given point.

  • just be natural

    every1 is a kisser

    some just don't do it with there hearts and end up sucking


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