Girls, how long do you make him wait?

If you've known a guy for years either through school or work but didn't take the time to get to know him until 3 months ago, talk to each other on a daily basis, and hang out about once a week. You argued a few times, felt sad, resolved the issue, and then realized that there was something there called feelings and thought he has boyfriend potential, how long do you make him wait to have sex?! The attraction, affection, communication, chemistry is all there.


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  • It really depends on the relationship and how strong it is. You don't want to have sex and then he thinks that's all to yall relationship or he goes away. With my current relationship, I've only been with my boyfriend for like 4 months but I had sex with him after only 3 months of being together. Our relationship is still going strong.

    • Ok thank you. Yes, that's what I'm afraid of. That he just wants it and he'll leave :-\

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