What am I doing wrong?

It seems no matter what I do, I am unable to keep a girl interested in me, or even be interested in me at all. I texted a girl from work lately, (she didn't ask why I had her number or anything) and by her texts she seemed interested. But she didn't include punctuation at the end of her sentences (I assume that means she is not interested?). I texted her another time, but by the time she responded I had to go work. I texted her today and she did not respond at all. I am in college, decent looking, and smart. I'm just so frustrated because I don't talk to girls at all, and the only time I do is to the employee girls at work. Maybe being a commuter disadvantages me? I'm just wondering why I am constantly failing when it comes to women lately (I've had girlfriends before!) I don't understand!

I guess all my friends being in a relationship is another factor that is causing worry and stress.


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  • 1. Maybe she's a boring texter and doesn't know how to be a flirty texter

    2. Maybe YOURE a boring texter and its uninteresting to her

    • I was being as innovative as possible... blah I feel like crap. But thanks

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    • Well, if you guys are texting in the first place, then she must have a reason :).. What is there to lose? If she initiates an interest, or it seems she does (happy around you, flirty, talks to you, looks at you).. If she's not interested, then it's fine and you will soon find a great girl that like you. But just ASK her, I hate when guys are cowardly, step up, tell her you like her and ask if you can hang out sometime :)

    • That's a good point. I'll give it a try :)

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  • don't worry about the punctuation. work on yourself, have an interesting life and they will come.

    • I've been doing that :(

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