GUYS, if a girl you met online was really awkward when texting?

If a girl you met online was really awkward when texting, would you write her off right away or give it a chance and eventually meet her in person?

Been emailing a guy I met on an online dating site for about a week and now Facebook/texting. I'm really awkward when texting someone that I've never met personally and I don't know what to say sometimes and sometimes I take a long time to reply. I'm kind of nervous that I said something kind of lame...


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  • Prob if he's a deuce bag(I know I spelled it wrong) he won't want continue. In which case he's not worth your time(only kinda harsh). But, if he's worth your time, that won't bother him.

  • I would still want to meet her in person, since texting and meeting in-person are two completely different things.


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