What is your perfect date?

I want to know every cheesy, romantic, and lavish detail that would make that date perfect.


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  • I would love to be in the snow with my boyfriend right now.. in a cabin, by a fire, make some soup, or fresh fish we caught earlier in the day, passionate sex and cuddle till we fall asleep, no technology, TV just spending the day playing around being goofy and sweet.. go for a walk, go to a cafe or something and hang out.. snowboarding would be fun.. sorry this is completely out of order, I'm not good at story telling..haha


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  • We made pizza from scratch while having wine. We talked and played. We really got to know each other. In between there was plenty kissing. Moving between the couch and kitchen. Plenty of talking and chemistry. It didn't get more sexual, but it was a great time. Dropping her off at her place, she mentioned about a wanting a second date.

    Low and behold, I find out she was friends with my 8 years younger sister, she was also 8 years younger than me. Met on a dating website out of thousands I don't know how we met. Anyhow I come to find out she's got a reputation that stretches over a couple hundred miles(not exaggerating). She's like a bad person and was bs'ing me the whole time.

    I was duped. So I broke it off real quick.

    • At first I was smiling while reading this, I love the home made pizza and wine idea, but then I got the end and it was like I got smacked in the face by reality.

    • Yup, that's all I can say, yup.

  • Four Latin women discussing who is going to share oyur hotel room wih you that night, pretending to flight and hit each other. This goes on all evening, thrugh dinner and sightseing.

  • -we meet

    -she pays

    -I eat

    -we f***

    -I sleep

    • ^not a serious answer