The Male Species View On Text Messages?

I messaged a guy who I was involved with on a friends with benefits basis a little while ago. We stopped talking for no particular reason and the other night I drunken messaged him at 2am saying I missed him.

He replied 2 days later saying sorry that he hadn't replied sooner, and asked how I was, to which I replied. He didn't message back though and I just find it so weird as to why not.

Guys, if you didn't care for a girl anymore, would you go to the effort at all after a few days to get back to her?

We've been talking for a couple of days, he asks me lots of questions. Do you still stand by your answers...?


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  • Guys do not take friends with benefits girls seriously. If he took you all that seriously, then he would have made you his GIRLFRIEND instead of using you as an easy piece of ass. He probably didn't message you back because he sensed you getting attached and he didn't feel the same. This is why friends with benefits is a dumb ass idea. Someone always gets attached and then they end up feeling like a dummy when they realize the other person just used them becuase they were easy.

    Clearly, he didn't care for you and he still doesn't because he seems to consider you to be his past.

    • Yes, I still stand firmly by my answer. He will probably be trying to get in your pants soon and suggesting you guys hook up since it was so easy last time.

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    • I'm going through and giving people the credit they deserve! We are talking still and he told me he is into me but the next day he acts like he doesn't know me. So I'm just gonna let it go and let him figure out what the f*** he wants.

    • ...alright?

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  • I would say that was just more of a being polite text. Or possibly trying to keep you on a leach so he can get back to being FWB with you if he wanted but no more than that.


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  • i don't text, so I dot see anything wrong with not responding-but that's probably because I find texting annoying.

  • I'm not a guy but trust me when I say he's not interested.

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