Am I taking the wrong approach to dating?

I'm currently in university and I will graduate in 2 years when I will be 24. I feel as if I am not in the correct point in my life to begin dating. Maybe I am being materialistic but I just feel like perhaps if I accomplished a few things then my dating life would be less harder and less stressful. For example, I only have a part-time job which does not pay a lot at all so therefore I will not be able to treat girls and take them places. I haven't got a car so I will not be able to take girls places and pick them up when we go out on dates and stuff. She may have to end up using public transport. I haven't got my degree yet and I will like to finish my degree first so I could possibly start my career and start earning more money so I can actually take girls places and treat them to special dinners etc. Not to mention I could buy a car (even if it's a cheap one) so we don't always have to use public transport because that gets really annoying after a while.

I would like to start dating now but I would like a better job when I start dating because I wouldn't want these guys to be dating someone with a worthless job. However, if I don't start now then I keep thinking that I'm getting older and by the time I do start I'm going to be such a late bloomer. I mean 24! Everyone I know started dating in their teens. I'm like at least 5 years behind everyone else.

Your thoughts?


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  • I sold my first home and was working on my second child before I had a car.

    Start dating. What you complain about, sure having a car and lots of money makes things slightly easier, but that's NOT the reason you don't have a girlfriend. Students mainly date other students, who also don't have cars or disposable cash. This is normal.

    Your biggest barrier is a lack of dating skills and experience, and waiting a few more years is just compounding the problem.

    Start trying to date.