Question about dating sites?

Just a general question/poll about the usage of dating sites. How widespread do you think they are? I don't like them cause I don't like how formal it is...personally. But I've used one before. And I know some people have found their soul mates on there. But anyway please answer the one that fits you the best :)

And if you care to write an answer please tell how old you are. thanks

  • I use a dating site to find love/a long term relationship
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  • I use a dating site to find someone to have sex with
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  • I use a dating site to find friends to hang out with
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  • I don't use a dating site
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  • I agree.. too formal, too... I don't know it reminds me of when I bought my dog off line; this one likes the beach, this one likes to go sailing, this one has brown hair and blue eyes... there is so much more to a human being that you just need to meet in person to really know... I don't know some people are so inhuman though...

    • That why after you've met someone online, you date... so you can get to know the person :)

      I mean, they can't start writing their whole life's story on a random site for whole the world to read? (and it wouldn't be nice, it kills the mystery).

      I personaly think it's a interesting concept but it's not working well cause they are swarmed with guys xD I think it's a 10:1 ratio ;p

    • true, I'm not completely against it, for people with busy lives it's like the future of dating, I just like dating in my social circle, the trust is already there, online is pretty scary, for women and men, you never know that person's true back story, only what they want you to hear..

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  • Girls look better in pictures lol.

    I started using it like a month ago met 4 girls in real life. A lot of girls are stuck up and tons of 49ers :)).

    I think most people are on dating sites to get laid, rather then finding love.

    • It's probably 50/50 haha

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    • lol oh no. Hmm I don't know how girls act on dating sites but when I used a dating site, I would say about half the guys who messaged me were looking to get laid and then the other half were actually looking for a relationship

    • That's cool then(: How did it work for you?

  • The hard part is getting a girl to respond to my messages. I only talk to one girl (Black girl too!) on occasional. I use them as a hybrid of A, B, and C. I would be lying through my teeth if I said sex never crossed my mind while using them.

    • I just see if our interests collide and I try to write al lot about those. Also ask a lot of questions, it tends to tempt the girl(s) into replying ;)

      There's my five cents :)

    • Done it before. No luck for me.

  • never!1!

  • It's not that bad. worth the try

  • I use a dating site, and I've met 5 women from it in person. It's like a more anonymous version of FB and it's fine as long as yo can put up with / deal with / avoid scammers and trolls, just like other sites. I'm 26, started using the online site this year. Met girls from age 20 to 27

    • any success?

    • Well, yes and no. It might be a little too early to tell (only been using it for several months).

      But since I consider it a success if a girl even responds to my messages (let alone actually wants to meet me), my information might not be as helpful. :D

      But I do plan on continuing to use it, if that's helpful to you.

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  • I've used OkC and PoF in the past and I've gone out with like 4 guys from those sites but nothing ever really came of it. Just us hanging out and making out pretty much lol.

    I think you're better suited at finding someone who wants a serious relationship on paying membership sites such as eHarmony, Chemistry,

    But there's a relatively new dating site called HowAboutWe and the premise is that you just plug in an activity you'd like to do for whatever reason and find someone who is interested that way.