Did he stop talking to me because I didn't have sex with him?

I'm in college, and I met this guy. From day one he tried pursuing me. He'd text me everyday, always want to hang out, etc. A few nights ago, I spent the night at his place. We shared a bed, but we did not have sex; we just cuddled and made-out. I told him I was a virgin and that I didn't want to do anything more - he seemed fine with that. In the morning, he walked me home and everything.

The next day, he did not text, call, come over, etc, I found this funny because I usually always wake up to a text from him. I didn't text him either, I was waiting for him to text me. He did not. A couple days after, I texted him and he never replied. It's almost like he's ignoring me.

Is he acting like this because I wouldn't have sex with him? Or what is making him act like this?


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  • I wouldn't say he JUST wanted sex from you. You're not comfortable with doing it, that's perfectly OK. But maybe he wants someone who IS comfortable with it. Again, I'm not judging you, but when you told him you were a virgin he might have assumed you're that "oh so precious" type, especially since you made it clear you didn't want to go further. Ergo, "I am a virgin and I will stay a virgin, thank you very much".

    Just trying to grasp what his thought process was like. Maybe I'm wrong, I dunno.

    • If we would have dated further, sex would have been an option. We only knew each other for a few weeks. I'm not one of those "I'm saving myself for marriage" girls. I'd just like to know when I give my virginity away that I'm giving it to someone who respects me and will call me back the next day.

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