I'd like to have my first kiss with her.

OK, so I took my friend to homecoming last weekend and I think it went pretty well, we both had fun. we've gotten to the point we're at the point where we just start to hold hands while hanging out. she playfully hits me, calls me a dork jokingly, all those signs that make me believe that she likes me. whenever we watch a movie together she cuddles up to me. I'd like to have my first kiss with her, but since I've never kissed any girl before I have no idea how or when. help?


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  • Take things naturally. You could let her know your intentions and maybe find out more about hers.

    But, it seems like it's going well.

    When you feel it, try it out.

    Make her feel special and happy.

    I can't give you a straight do this answer, you'll know what to do. XD


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