Why has he now become distant?

Hi everyone,

I met this guy and we really hit it off. He expressed his desires and always made it known that he's actively pursuing me and that I am his baby but just doesn't know it yet. We talked everyday since we met until one day I sent him an email of about 30 general get to know questions, nothing personal. I mentioned in the email that, I wanted to know all about him and not just of him, which prompted the simple questions. After all we both desire the same thing and want to get to know one another.

Well, he responded to the email saying, "hey sweetie, I was knocked out...I will get to answering these questions shortly. How is your day going?"

Well, that's the last I heard of him. Did my general get to know questions scare him away (seriously)? How else will you get to know someone without communicating?

No response so I simply stopped contact.

Advice, please!



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  • Your his baby but he doesn't know it... this attitude could be seen as scary


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  • It could be that he might feel that he can't live up to want you want. Did you ask about what his goals are professionally and longterm. Did you ask was he marrried/single or lived alone? If so that could be the reason. My suggestion is that you did the right thing by asking, just did it the wrong way. Next time ask the guy face to face and look at how he responds, make sure he's not looking down or away.

    • Yes, we Skyped all the time. One of the questions were asking about his goals and where he saw himself in 5 years. Yes, I could've waited until we Skyped, however, if he's into me and desiring a meaningful union as he expressed then it shouldn't matter how I asked. God forbid something has happened to him, else I'm glad I know now.

      Thank you for your response! I think I did the right thing by asking as well :)

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  • How many days has it been since you received the response? I agree that you may have gone about it the wrong way, but he also put no doubt in your mind that it was harmless. Also keep in mind, maybe he is going through a tough time right now? Sick family or friend? I would wait a couple of days to see if he responds. If not, send him a simple text asking if everything is OK. If you still get no response, then maybe for some strange reason, it did scare him away. Face to face would be a little better tho. Pay attention to his body language if you guys hang out again. I would look up and article about body language. When someone is speaking to you and they tend to look left a lot, they most likely are lieing. And try not to think too much about it. He could still really like you and have a very good reason for not being in touch with you recently.

    • I sent the email on yesterday morning. Therefore, it's only been one day. Just strange because we've talked effortlessly everyday since we met. You're right maybe it's something unknowing to me and not me at all. In his response email he didn't seem bothered at all. Anyways, I've already ask is he was OK and still no response so I've cut contact. If he chooses to respond he will else it was fun while it lasted. It's better that I know now rather than later.

      Thank you for your the advice :)