Should I go ahead and tell her?

I usually go to pick my nephew up from his school. I believe I like one of her teachers. I like her very much. She is, may be, a couple of years elder to me, but still I think I can handle the age factor. I have masters degree and doing job. What is you opinion in this regard?


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  • Ask her if she would like to get coffee or something ;)

    • The problem is: our society is not too open. I just can not go and ask her for coffee, if you understand what I mean.

    • Oh. :S Well, then just tell her you like her I guess. What can it hurt?

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  • Start talking about something you know that both of you have in common. Then when you feel that the timing is right ask her if she would like to do something later.

    • "if she would like to do something later"...would you explain this?

    • well this is what I said so you could ask her to do whatever you want. Go out for dinner, movies, coffee, breakfast, whatever works for you. You can be as creative as you like.

  • Talk to her. You gotta take risks :)


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