My boyfriend has been hanging out with this girl?

my boyfriend has been hanging out with this girl a lot ever sense college started. They never hangout alone, always with a bunch of friends. It's usually all the guys and just her. They all stayed up late in his room playing video games, I think it's weird her staying up with them, and she goes to the gym with him and his friends sometimes (probably dinner but I don't really know though). Anyway, he just told me that she wants to meet me. Why in the world would she want to meet me?


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  • 1. Girls like guy things, too. I know plenty of girls who hang around with guys, play video games with them, go to the gym with them and generally just hang around. She's not trying to get with your boyfriend, she's just in a group of friends your boyfriend is also in. We're not in third grade here, girls are allowed to have male friends.

    Hell I'm either the only one or one of two girls in every group I have. I just can't stand girls, too much drama. It's annoying. Now I don't like any of my guy friends I just enjoy their company. Sometimes it's more fun to scream at a TV screen and make poop jokes than gossip, or go to the mall, or something else girlie.

    You have no reason to suspect her- 1. she wants to meet you, if something was going on she wouldn't want to meet you. Would you be suspicious if one of his guy friends wanted to meet you? No. She's his friend, he probably talks about you, says you two might get along well. She's a girl, she wants a girl friend, if you're dating him you have to be cool. 2. She only hangs out with him in a group setting, she doesn't want to get him alone or anything. She clearly isn't trying to steal him from you.

    Honestly she seems like a really nice girl. She seems cool and sweet for wanting to meet her friend's significant other, maybe help you get involved in the group as well and hang out with them, or just make friends with you 'cause she likes you.

    Stop being so suspicious. If you don't trust your boyfriend to push her away and talk to you about it if something was going on, you shouldn't be in that relationship.


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  • she wants to meet you because you're his gf...why does it matter...

    would you find it weird if one of his guy friends said "i want to meet your gf"

    stop looking at this so weird because she is a girl...what, you're telling me you have NO guy friends...come on, be real with yourself

    stop over analyzing before it makes you crazy and assuming crap that isn't going on, because you will eventually end this relationship you're in if you keep up with these assumptions...

    its HEALTHY to have guy AND girl friends, even if you're in a relationship...

    stop being so dramatic

    • honestly, I have no guys in college that I hangout with, so I wouldn't really consider any friends. The only time I would hangout with guys before would be if I was with my boyfriend.

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    • I don't have guy friends because I feel like they don't notice me. I'm not the type of person that just goes up to someone and says "hey". and I'm just starting out college so I don't have many friends as it is, so none of my friends that are girls, hang out with guys either. So I'm not really sure how to meet them...

    • just start any normal nice..."hey how is your day going"..."youre taking physics, I heard that class has a ton of labs and is stressful, how is it going for you?"

      anything really...just be outgoing and nice

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  • they have similar interests. she wants to met you so you are not uncomfortable by the fact they are friends. if she was a guy and wanted to meet you, would it bother you. and would you rather her be his friend in secret?

    i can't see why you think its a bad thing that she wants to meet you.

  • "They never hangout alone, always with a bunch of friends." --That right there is a very good sign that there's nothing suspicious going on. And so is the fact that she wants to meet you. If they had something to hide, she probably would want to stay as far away from you as possible. And since she wants to meet you that probably just means she wants to meet the girl who her friend thinks is very special :)

  • She wants to meet you because she is one of the guys and she knows her presence is probably making you uncomfortable, which it obviously is, and she wants to help put your mind at ease. I hang out with my guy friends more than my girlfriends and there's nothing going on with any of them. If she didn't want to meet you then you should be suspicious.

  • Maybe your boyfriend talks a lot about you when she's with him. Or maybe she does like your boyfriend and is just trying to see who you are. It's hard to tell since you don't know her. But maybe try to find more information from your boyfriend. Ask him what did you tell her about me. Why did she say she wants to meet me. This can lead you to your conclusion.

    • I asked him why she did, all he said was "idk" so I asked if he ever talked about me, and he said "no, she saw your picture probably"

    • Were kud she have seen your pic? And I think shez interestd in your man..drama suks grl

      My ex and I broke up nt even a week ago and I told him to come over to pik up da stuff he gave me I told him if derz was anythn left and he basically sed that he knows he shud b with me but that I stress him out to much wen I got mad because he was careless or because I didt want him to smoke... So do you have any advice for me I don't know if I shoud try to get back with him or just f*** it and let it end

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