How was your first date?

Who asked for it? People who haven't dated can tell what they would like their first date to be like .

For people who have dated ,

Whom did you date ? How long ? When ? Where ? How was your first experience ? Who paid for it ?

  • Guy asked - guy paid
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  • Girl asked - guy paid
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  • Girl asked - girl paid
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  • Guy asked - girl paid
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  • 50-50 ( specify who asked for the date )
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I very recently went on what I consider to be my first REAL date. It was with a guy I had been friends with FOREVER. We're still casually dating each other now. I sent him a message saying we should hang out and catch up. He ended up picking me up one night and we went out to a bar for drinks. He paid. It was a good night, it ended well =)


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What Girls Said 3

  • Far out. This involves a lot of thought. You know, I've only been on two real "dates". Both only lasted one date. lol

    The first one was just to the movies. It was with a guy I'd known for a while and hung out with before, but then he asked me out out. I think I was like 18? We ate and went for a movie. We split it. It was fun, but there was no chemistry, at least on my part.

  • First date was in year 9 with a guy that asked me out with a rose (í thought it was a little corny but I still went with it) and we went to a fair thing. It was pretty fun even if I got sunburnt :S

  • I went on a date and all the guy talked about was rocks, yeah he was studying geology, but come on! Then he made us slit the bill for dinner, it was a cheap meal too!

    • split*

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    • Plus he was balding not a good combo!

    • LMAO

What Guys Said 3

  • Blind date set up by Mt baby brother. I was 18 and the older sister of the girl he was dating needed a guy. So I said I'd meet her at the local skating rink. An introvert going on a blind date!! She was shy also, but we hit it off OK. I paid for dinner and all. (It's the guy thing to do) We eventually married.

  • Horrible. For whatever dumbass reason, I agreed my first date was with a couple that have been together for a couple of weeks. The guy was a friend of mine. The girl was a friend of hers.

    Effin' horrible idea.

  • 50-50 lol she insisted