Stuck as a relationship counselor!! Help!?!

I have 15+ girls all asking me about their relationships! While this may sound awesome, it's not! It's like having all the problems of a relationship, but with no benefits! They come to me and ask me how I'd fix their problems, or to ask for a guy's point of view.

It all started when I gave some harmless advice to one of my friends, who I saw was in need of some relationship help, and it ended up making her relationship one of the hottest in the school! She told a couple friends, who told a couple friends, and so on, until I'm bogged down with girls (a lot of whom are gorgeous) asking for my opinion! Now I have never been in a relationship myself, but whatever I say always works for some reason! There was even one time where I gave some purposely bad advice to try and discredit myself a bit, and it still worked fine...

This may seem like heaven for some guys, (girls actually coming TO YOU when they need help) but that is exactly the problem! They only come to me when something BAD happens or when they are UNSURE of their next move. I am currently in a psychology class and I have learned that people learn to assign good and bad feelings to people they know! That means I am getting assigned to all the bad regions, since all I do is fix it! The first sign of a problem brings me into mind! Meanwhile, the guys of the girls I am helping are getting all the good! Notice how I don't even exist to a girl until her relationship goes sour!

Anyways, does anyone know how to escape this hell!


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  • I'm the exact same. Great at giving advice, f***ing useless at following it.

    My situation isn't as full blown as yours, I only have 5 damsels (and one guy) in distress at the moment after having saved 3 other relationships and brought another to a peaceful end.

    There's no real way to get out of it other than find new friends that don't know about your god-given advice and psychology skills. Once someone goes to you for help they will keep coming, especially if it's free.

    • If you are baiting out a comment, troll successful. Unfortunately I get that I am 17 A LOT, when I am truly 19 (20 in January!) Looking younger than I am runs in my family (Not complaining!) It is true that I am alone (I mentioned it in the question(PAY ATTENTION!)) I will not deny that I am smart and there are some things I know that I wish I didn't. But it's the same intelligence that lets me see what some people can't. I am in tune with my emotional senses, and people ask me for that reason.

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    • Thanks TheGoodTheBadTheHOT!

      It's an awesome power to have, but a damper on my relationships. Especially when I talk to a girl I don't know, and she already knows me by rumors. It automatically turns casual meetings into a game of chess...

    • Well, I don't mind it. After all, I am great at chess.

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  • You should change your name to Dr. Phil :P

    Anyway it seems like you are too nice to these girls. You keep giving them all this pro bono relationship advice for nothing. In life nothing should be free, I don't mean ask for money of course, tell them if you want my advice get me a date with a cute girl... girls love playing match maker, especially if it is to help a nice guy like you.

    This will get you more respect from these girls and I am sure they will have many friend they can hook you up with.

    • That is some boss advice! I always wondered why I can solve everyone's problems besides my own...

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