How do I pick the right guy for me??

OK so my ex boyfriend had contacted me and said he wanted to get back together with me and that he is still really in love with me (there was no hard feelings between us when we broke up) but I also have 3 other guys who is in love with me and I don't know what I'm going to do or who to choose I mean I forget why my ex and I even broke up but he is a great guy and I still care about him still but the other 3 guys are really great to and I really like all 3 of them to but I don't know what to do? I don't know if I should give my ex another chance or go out with one of the other guys. I mean I have gone out on dates with all of them and each date was great and I have no complaints about them. I just don't know who to choose cause I don't want to hurt any of the guys. they are all head over heals for me and they have all said there is no other woman out there that is like me and that I'm the one meant for each of them and that they would never meet another woman who they really care about or could see spending the rest of there lives with. I don't know what to do what to think or who to choose!


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  • They all want to spend the rest of their lives with you after a few dates? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Mature guys never act like that. Howcan they say that, you guys didn't have sex yet nor lived together, not meet each other families or friends, or even done much about anything with each other.

    All these guys are retarded or players (aka they just want to f*** you).


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  • hahaha you're pretty modest huh?

    date all 3 for a while then choose. your ex is an ex for a reason, forget about him.

    how do they compare in the looks department?

    • you are right I should forget about my ex I guess, and they are all really good looking but I don't really go for looks I go for more of there personalitys and they all have great personalitys. and I have gone out on quit a few dates with all of them but I'm still having a hard time choosing

    • are you generally an indecisive person?

      maybe choice should be clear. if it isn't, then maybe none of them is the right guy for you. ...

  • I agree with adamjretex81 and I want to add that if any of them are crazy or unemployed, you can factor them out too.

    • none of them seem crazy syco's, there all just crazy head over heals for me, and they all have jobs.

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