We've been dating for several months and we have taken it slow?

We were talking about a picture I took in the ladies room at work. He liked it but said he would have liked a couple more.

I said "well anyone could walk in on me and I would have been embarrassed"

Him: "yeah but you know how you girls are...You help each other out, you could just say your were sending a pic to ***YOUR MAN***..."

me: Silence...Then " I guess but I'm not that close to anyone in my office...giggles"

Was it a slip of the tongue, testing the waters or a hidden message. We've been dating for several months and we have taken it slow and neither of us has said "your my man" "your my girl"...so why if he has been so careful up through now. I plan on talking to him about it in a teasing way the next time we see each other but in the mean time...What do you all think?


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  • It sounds like this isn't your basic candid he can show to his mom. If it turns you on to take them as much as it turns him on to get them, maybe you can go back to work at night and shoot some more pics. He doesn't have to know what time you took them. It'll feed his fantasy, which you clearly like doing, without putting you at professional risk.


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