We both like each other, but he kissed someone else. He's apologized, but should I give him another chance?

This guy and I have been talking for a few weeks now. We've both admitted that we like each other... a lot. We aren't able to see each other very often even though we live fairly close. He's told me I'm the only girl. However, recently he was at a party and was drunk, and although he was telling people about how he couldn't do anything because he liked someone else, he kissed a girl. Evidentially it was just a kiss, as that's what he told me and he is honest. He apologized many times and said how he wanted things, if I wasn't too mad, to continue between us. He said that if we had been dating it wouldn't happen, and that it wouldn't happen again in the future. Although I was hurt and mad, I agreed to continue things, knowing the trust would have to be rebuilt. Was that a bad decision, or should I give him another chance? I really like him... Thanks so much.


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  • We all make mistakes, the last person who makes his last mistake has only 6 seconds to live...So let us make plenty mistakes! Just see if it is a big issue for you, if it is talk it out,see if he really meant it or it was just a tease, don't let it come to you like that, just try to accept the fact that it already happened and how you , I mean the both of you want to go on knowing this has occurred!


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