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so I went to a hockey game this past weekend...she got 2 free tickets from her new job and a bunch of her other coworkers would be there also and I'm interested in hockey. anyway one of the people my aunt works with IS a hockey player for the team we went to watch. and let me tell u...this guy is gorgeous! anyway after the game you could meet some of the players...including this guy. my aunt introduced me to him and I got a picture with him he also signed the program with my name! anway its been a few days but I can't stop talking about him all the info I know about him wed get along great...he likes to go fishing, watching football and country music all things that I like! and he lives and works close to where I am so what should I do?


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  • Hmmm. This is clearly a male of high socioeconomic status - hence your attraction to him. Because of this, however, you will likely have to be more forward with your intentions, as there will no doubt be serious competition for him. I'd suggest throwing caution to the wind and going for it. You should ask your aunt for more of those tickets if possible. Don't get your hopes up, though...

    • well he's a rookie this yr...hes 24 and I'm 21 its not like the nhl but still a hockey league that is known in the area but yea I don't know what to do since I'm not a very competitive person I'm rather shy/quiet but he's awesome!

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  • You still reading this, what are you waiting for, get more tickets and go for it.


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