I've become obsessive over replies?

If I send someone a text or email and they don't reply, I get super anxious and I want to STOP. Sometimes it's a funny/interesting picture or a simple "Hey guess what, I..." And what's important is that these are people care for me a lot (which is why I get even more dejected), but I guess they don't see the importance of a simple "Hey thanks" or "Yeah great idea, we should etc etc". I mean, when I don't get replies, I can't help but check my email/phone obsessively and eventually after a day or two, I get all depressed.

I should emphasize that these people do not hate me in real life because we get along very well. They're like close friends, family, boyfriend etc. So none of "they probably hate you" or something. Sometimes they even "reply" to me in person by commenting on what I sent them, but that's usually a few days later when I see them in person and I would have gone through a couple days of anxiety and depression by that point. What's so hard about sending a quick reply? Anyways, I need to stop this and would like some advice. Thank you!


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  • i used to have the same problem, I find it so rude when people don't reply or acknowledge you, its like talking to the wall...i hate being ignored...

    the way I handle it...i get away from those people and keep my distance if they don't respect me to reply and acknowledge me then there's no point in the friendship.

    i move on to other friends.


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  • Just tell yourself that they're probably busy but they did get your message. Sometimes they reply to it in their head and forget to send the actual text. Don't let it get to you. It's a small concern in this vast world. But I do know how you feel. I feel like people don't text me back like ever and it bugs me. But then I tell myself that it's just a text message. It's not like I left a voice mail

    • "Reply in their head": yeah, you're right. I've done that too. I feel better now thanks XD

  • Just stop it.

    And that's it.

    • Yeah, thing is I can't. Which is why I'm asking HOW.

    • Turn the phone off and go out without it.

      Or the more likely way: scare the guy off compleatly untill he tells you you're a psycho.

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