So guys, if a girl asked you out and expected you to pay, how would you react?

I don't see why any self respecting guy would allow that to happen, sounds totally stupid and he's obviously being used

I actually asked a guy this question and he said he would probably blow her off- I don't blame him for saying that in fact if I was a guy I would probably do the same thing

It should be that the one who asks pays (or if they both agree, go half) because in the past, girls weren't even allowed to ask guys out, so she can't ask a guy out, and then revert to being "traditional" when it comes to paying, that's just wrong!

I'm actually surprised at how many stupid guys still think they should pay... do they have no self respect? There are only a handful of girls who think that though, and those are usually ones who would never ask a guy out anyway so they wouldn't even know what its like, and the few who would ask a guy out and still expect him to pay should be ashamed of themselves!

Get real, this is 2011, I don't see why the guy should always pay in this supposedly equal century, ESPECIALLY if the guy wasn't even the one who did the asking

So guys, if a girl asked you out and expected you to pay, how would you react?

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Most guys put "I would be annoyed and there would be no second date", those spoiled girls who ask guys out but revert to being "traditional" when it comes to paying should learn from that


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  • If she asked me out and expected me to pay, it is _highly unlikely_ that there'd be a second date.

    The only way I can see this being okay is if we were sort of dating, I made lots of money, she made none, and I asked her to _plan_ the date. Though I think even then, she should have planned a date she could afford, and if that means going for a walk in the park, so be it.


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What Guys Said 5

  • I'd pay maybe the first two/three times(if it goes that far)

    out of chivalry but after that I'd expect to go halves

    If she always expected me to pay I doubt she would really like me and I wouldn't go out with her anyway

    • Why even that? She's the one trying to win you over

    • I don't know it just seems that way

      i feel like I should pay

      but no more than 2 dates

    • And you're 18? it kinda pisses me off to see such harmful gender roles in the heads of young people

  • When my wife and I were still dating I paid unless she offered up. It was my way.

    Old fashioned perhaps and I don't expect others to follow suit. But I loved being able to go out with someone regularly after all the years of loneliness it didn't bother me at all.

    And now, with our finances pooled it's no longer an issue.

  • If she asked me, I'd expect her to at least pay for herself.

  • "Hope you have enough for yourself, cause I'll pay for myself and that's it"

    • btw, it's usually the girl that expects guys to pay and whatnot. Guys are sick of it.

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    • Good thing you were honest

      You should tell all girls that, maybe then they'd learn to stop being lazy and spoiled

    • well, I don't really ask girls out. I just befriend them and see where things go. Sometimes I will pay when we go out, sometimes she will. I honestly don't mind paying for a friend or someone who becomes more than a friend. Just, if she's expecting it I'll tell her no.

  • It's fine. it's not something surprising


What Girls Said 4

  • I do not expect him to pay, but I do expect him to be a gentleman-- and if that means covering the small cost, I do expect him to do so graciously and without fuss. Call it old-fashioned... but it is also courteous and kind.

    The first date scans his character, and if he is as I stated above: I will happily offer to pay on the second date, and many times after that.

    Although, if it was I who asked him out, I would positively pay on the first date.

  • The guy should always pay. Girls: Don't let a guy use and control you and take your money. I have a friend who went through that problem.

    • -_- of course you're only 16, no wonder you'd think such a stupid thing.

    • Are you serious? Even if girl asked the guy and with the guy doing her a favor by saying that, then why the hell should he pay? And if you see that as using and taking your money then as a girl aren't you ashamed of allowing that happen to men? Lol if you see women paying for the whole date after asking the guy out as being controlled and taken over, then shouldn't you not want that to happen to any human being? Shouldn't you support both guys and girls splitting for the date? What a sexist!

  • why can't everyone just split and be happy with it? this incessant need to be paid for I never understood.

  • This is insane. xxAbbeyxx, Xithina, and at least one guy account are all you, xLuana. I don't know why you're so obsessed with these questions to the point of making up accounts to play devil's advocate, but you should know it's really obvious.

    • I don't know why you're so obsessed with these questions to the point of making up false accusations to play devil's advocate, but you should know it's really obvious

    • Stick to using your own words lol.