Why does guy still have my phone number?

Ok, I haven't talked to this guy in a while and some people say he isn't interested in me. But I had text him a month ago and he answered back, so it's obvious he still has my number. And the answer wasn't just one word, which people say if they normally just give one worded answer it means less. I don't know, maybe we are friends still. I over-think too much though.Need to stop thinking too deep into things.


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  • Sorry, but If you texted him, he doesn't need to have you in his contacts list to reply back. Did you let him know who it was, when you texted him? If you didn't, did he know who it was when he replied back?

    • I'm guessing he did because if he didn't know who it is he normally asks who it is before answering. This is from what I've seen.

    • So, you didn't declare who it was and he didn't ask who it was? Then sounds like yeah, he kept your number in his phone.

    • Yeah, I know. I need to get myself together. I've just had past experiences with guys; well guy friends. I fear that guys judge me for someone I'm not.

  • Would it matter? I have a few people saved on my phone that I don't usually get to talk to, but it's good to have their contact info to catch up every once in a while.


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