Why didn't he call me?

He and me flirted we were always sitting really close and teasing and touching and we were both obviously attracted to each other. I hint that we should spend time together on the weekend and hint that I'm not doing anything on the weekend but he never asks me out.

And on top of that the class we were in together ended and we have each others' phone number but he never contacts me (once in the past month) and the one time we did (and another time I bumped into him on campus) I suggested we go grab food or something and he agreed but never called me or texted me. But he was still flirty and touchy!

Why do that? -___-


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  • He's either shy or he doesn't take hints well.

  • Maybe he doesn't want a relationship or is already in one. Maybe he's into someone else right now, doesn't mean he's not into you it just means he's into her more. There's various reasons to keep him from going out with you, but if I were you I wouldn't wait for the answer I would date other people.


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