I don't want to chase him... what do I do?

So I was seeing this guy, we had a pretty good balance of talking terms, but he tends to constantly started conversations with me, not cause I wanted him to chase me, just as he wanted to talk to me and said he likes being around me.

We're good buddies, but all of a sudden it's turned to he doesn't talk to me much at all, if at all, and it's me starting all the conversations or asking if he wants to go someplace.

I don't know what to do... I don't wanna turn this into a 'chase' thing. That happened with my ex and it didn't make me feel good, and they stop trying as you do the work.

I like him, but I've noticed this real visible change. What do I do? :-(


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  • Sometimes you gotta take a chance , just go for it regardless of the outcome