Guys are more likely to text a girl (especially one they like) when they wake up. True or false?

I usually text girls when I wake up. Yes, we'll continue throughout the day (if need be) but I rarely do it at night when I'm going to bed. So, are other guys the same way and why is this?


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  • It is nice to be in someones thoughts when they first wake up and before they sleep.


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  • Definetly true. I never text a guy in the morning but they text. I'm not a fan of texting anyway. I'd prefer phone calls or talking to them in real life.

    • Phone conversations get awkward because you might be busy or..just have those "silences". It's easier just to text. I only call in case there's an emergency (plus rates go up, depending on where you are)

  • Maybe you don't want to wake her up at night.

    Mornings are alright, though. :P


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