What is your favorite first date?

Has the movie and dinner become to boring, what are some fresh ideas guys can use to enhance the first date, from typical to exciting. Any stories or personal experiences are more than welcomed. I am a columnist for a men's magazine, and need ideas for my new article. Thanks in advance


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  • The whole cinema thing does get boring .. you know a guy has thought about it and you more if you go some where else to which is always good :)

    I know it's not very classy and things but I really enjoyed it when a guy took me to get KFC or McDonalds or that type of fast food and we sat along the sea front and ate it and we gave chips to the birds and had a laugh .. I also like laying back with them and watching the clouds and trying to look for shapes

    Also going on a trip to like a farm or a museum or an attraction that the guy will know their girl would like is a good first date, it gives you a chance to get to know each other while doing something one of you really likes :)


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