What does it mean when a guy just randomly stops texting you?

Thursday night we were completely fine and happy and flirting. Then Friday morning he sent me a text that said "have a good day :)" I saw him in the hall and he smiled and waved at me.. then after school he didn't text me at all, he didn't text me Friday night at all. Today it's already 3:00 and he still hasn't texted me at all or texted and explained Friday to me or anything. He told me he likes me, I told him I liked him. We have been texting and flirting a lot for the past 2 weeks, and then he just stopped texting me. Should I take this the wrong way as in he wants to be done? He tweeted "I want to tell you really bad, I just can't find the right words." Does that mean he wants to tell me that he doesn't want to talk anymore? help.


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  • Has it been only 2 days? That's not a long time at all, I would most definitely not freak out. My boyfriend and I sometimes go days without texting, and I think our relationship is strong, we both just have busy lives outside of each other.

    My bet is he probably has just had things to do, or doesn't feel like texting (don't take it the wrong way! texting can be tiring sometimes haha!) and you're just overthinking it. (: Even people who text every day has to have at least one day where they don't text...

    If you're still freaking out, just text him first, no big deal(: Don't worry about looking "clingy". Texting first is just taking charge, starting a conversation. Clingy would be sending like 10 texts all saying, "Why won't you reply?!?" which I hope you won't do, right?(:



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  • There's three possible reasons:

    1. He wants you to text him first, because he feels like he may be a bother.

    2. He's just busy.

    3. He lost his phone.

    Don't stress, I'm sure he'll text you soon (:

  • Maybe he's waiting for you to text him..? Couldn't hurt to try :)