Who should pursue who when dating?

Is it really a guy's job to fully pursue a girl when they are just getting to know each other?

I mean, when a guy & a girl are getting to know each other, & yes let say she she knows the guy is after her, but let says the girl don't have the same mentality or pressure to get into anything fast but that doesn't mean she doesn't like him... Is it really the guy that has to chase her and like prove to her that he really wants to be with him. In other words, is it us that have to do almost everything to get her & I mean in the stage when "just getting to know each other but she still doesn't want to do anything either because is too soon or simply because she is just chilling, no pressure or anything? What do you think girls & guys?


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  • i think if she isent loking for anything serious den you noe she just lookin for a good time.

    but is she wants to take it slow then I think its up to you to know if she's worth it or not .


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