What happens when 2 guy best friends like the same girl?

I had a crush on guy 1 (who I used to work with) who had a on/off girlfriend at the time. But he still flirted with me and tried to invite me out to events with his friend. Then his best friend, guy 2 met me, and guy 2 started to text me saying he wanted to hang out. Guy 1 continued to flirt with me while he dated his girlfriend. I told guy 1 I liked him and he seemed flattered (he had just broken up with his girlfriend)and we were in touch for awhile and still flirting. Guy 1 lost in touch with me and now I don't know what to think. I am positive that guy 1 liked me but is he backing off because his best friend (guy 2) is interested in me?


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  • "What happens when 2 guy best friends like the same girl?"

    Usually a fight to the death of some sort, whether it be a duel or otherwise. The good news is the most skilled fighter of the two will survive - so you will hopefully have a good mate to spawn with.

  • It ruins the friendship

    • So do you think guy 1 is acting distant because his best friend likes me? He seemed so flattered when I told him I liked him. Guy 2 emailed me a few weeks ago with a flirty message. If guy 2 is still flirty with me then that means that guy 1 did not tell him that I like guy 1. Right?

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    • Really? this is bizarre. If they are seeing who could get me, then why is guy 1 so distant all of a sudden?

      Also- The guy that I had a huge crush on, who I think has a crush on me too told me his secret about his failed marriage. And then asked me about my previous relationships. The interesting part is that his best friend likes me. So why did he tell me his secret and ask about my personal life? We have never discussed this before. Was this info for him or for his best friend?

    • give the other guy space and time to get you and if he doesn't then it will be his try and then guy2 will be distant...So you feel closer to him as more than a friend.

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