Online dating profile?

I am a good guy that rarely ever gets a chance. I hate it. I can't find anyone. I am on okcupid and I get some messages but it just isn't working.

I am to the point that I am now willing to pay for a dating website. This is my profile on okcupid do you have any suggestions? - you don't have to read through it but you can.. I just don't understand. I suck at meeting people. I am in Baton Rouge Louisiana if that matters. Please help.. I am getting desperate.. and I hate that feeling.

link - here is one profile.

link - here is a second.. I am pathetic.

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Okay so I should state something clear - I didn't used to be so awkward. In high school I was okay. I wasn't the best a t meeting people but I did. And I was in a great relationship for over a year. She thought I was the greatest thing ever and then I moved and everything changed. I left all my friends and am not in louisiana where I don't have any best friends. I fail at life now. I am going to counselling to try to help but I just can't seem to get better.


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  • Alright. First up, rewrite your profile and just start over. Get a female friend to help you. Secondly you are 19, you should be out having fun not feeling like having a girlfriend is a top priority. People can sense desperation (not saying you are). And lastly start taking more chances, say hello to more women. The more you interact with on a daily basis the better you get with them and your rate for rejection gets lowered. Good luck.

    • uh one small problem honestly I don't know if I agree with you or not yet because when he is good to her then she date a bastard pardon my french then she'll go to him for recovery then she leave him and chase yet another jerk then when she have a baby or in her mid 20's or older then she will settle down with a good guy when she should have taken him from the start what's up with that

    • thanks.. I will take that as sincere advice. I should be out having fun.. I don't know how. I have fun by doing crazy things - I play street concerts, I skydive, I go on trips, I rock climb, Idk.. I don't know how to have "normal" fun;. I don't know how to "go out" Do you have any idea how awkward it is alone?

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  • tried a few different sites, but none of them seem OK, then again I'm a plus size girl and guys usually don't go for that. I'd say try to meet them in person first, its hard, I know. But it's probably easier than fishing on a site.

    • i understand how you feel may I ask how can I trust a girl or a woman or how do I know if I can trust a girl or a woman I ask because I've been cheated on,lied to and worst of all betrayed she back stab me and may I ask as well do you think I should never give my heart to a girl or a woman ever again unless she proves herself worthy to me

    • It's hard to trust people, I have a hard time because the one boyfriend I've ever had lied to me and cheated. You just have to choose who to trust and make sure they deserve it. I wouldn't say a girl has to prove she's worthy, just be cautious. Let her know your past so she doesn't think it's her and just be honest with her. Hope for the best.

    • so I need to be careful smart and picky huh?

  • honestly you look like your 15 or 16 years old. got to some parties and meet girls. a lot of them are more chill then and more likely to give you their number from experience

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    • @dragonlord. try going to a party and see how it is first and you will see most girls are really nice and just looking to have fun. now don't get me wrong I've seen some slutty girls and guys at parties but it was like 2-3 out of 100+ girls/guys. most people just wanna drink have fun then go to the next party. there's also no harm in not drinking. I only drunk twice since partying and I've been just having water the entire time and I still have fun :) good luck and ill answer your question.

    • OK thanks and please be completely honest with me when you answer link

      if you don't want to answer it I understand anyway thanks for informing me

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  • Wow you're lucky, I was on okcupid and only got one person who replied to me in the six years that my profile was up.

    My advice stay away from paid sites is my only advice for you. Paid sites don't work any better then the free ones, (okcupid & plentyoffish) they also tend to post craigslist ads for profile writers from time to time just to make fake profiles.

    Other things that you should know is that **BOTH** people on a paid site will need to be paying members to make contact or message each other. So if you're paying and they're not tough luck.

    Paid sites will keep your profile and pictures on record and can use them as they wish because you agree to give them your pictures and content and in exchange they host it for you as a profile. This means they can put up fake profiles using your pictures or reactivate your profile in other regions to attract paying people.

    • i guess... I don't feel lucky. but when I message someone I normally make it worth replying to. I've had a few message me but I don't know it just doesn't feel like it is going anywhere. And yea I will try to avoid the pay sites. I just have to get my confidence back I guess.

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